About Me

  • Experienced – domain name and IP lawyer and commercial adviser
  • Company Secretary at OpenUK – a not for profit company
  • Consistent – long term advocate for Nominet to operate as a Not For Profit UK registry; with focus on Public Benefit, not on profit
  • Former Nominet Director – elected in 2008 on a platform very similar to PublicBenefit.uk, I know the ropes and the pitfalls
  • Independent – not employed by any one Nominet member or group, no personal financial interest in any particular outcome
  • Time – this cycle of change at Nominet will require both dedication and also a significant time commitment from the Nominet board. I pledge to give the time needed to get the job done
  • Location – I live in London and can easily get to Oxford to speak to people and get things done
  • Qualified – Degrees in Natural Science and Law (Cambridge); Business Computing (Keele); Solicitors Finals exam (Chester College of Law)
  • Outside of Work – Father of three teenage kids. Rugby referee. Cricket lover. Scuba diver. Keen traveler, when that was a thing!