Positive Change

  • Governance – I know changing the constitution isn’t sexy. In fact it may be boring and time consuming. But for me, Nominet should be Not For Profit, not “Profit for Purpose” or any other meaningless marketing slogan. Lock this and other changes in by amending the constitution. Make a clear and bold statement about how Nominet will operate going forward. That’s a meaningful Positive Change.
  • Profits and Surplus – I want to see a guaranteed distribution to good causes. Andy Green’s interim pledge of around 50 million is a great start. It also shows how the PublicBenefit.uk programme can be implemented and can lead to real Positive Change. Now let’s lock in a guaranteed revenue stream going forward and set up an independent body to distribute that money.
  • Domain prices – .uk Domain name prices have risen, while Nominet funded failed commercial projects. That time has passed and it was rejected by the members at the EGM. It’s time to review and revise domain name prices now. We don’t need to wait three years, as set out in Andy Green’s interim statement. Let’s have Positive Change and get it done now.
  • Executive Salaries – The EGM was fought and won on a pledge to review the excessive executive salaries at the top of Nominet. Andy Green has already moved to remove the absurd LTIP and there has been a salary freeze. That’s a start. But let’s finish the job now. It would be a Positive Change to move Nominet’s top salaries back into line with the Not For Profit sector.
  • Voting Rights – It’s important that Nominet operates legally. I think there is a real question about whether its weighted voting rights are legal. The Companies Act prohibits companies like Nominet from issuing shares or interests like shares. Weighted voting looks a lot like shareholding to me in terms of giving members different power and influence. Does that make the weighted voting rules illegal? I would get expert counsel’s opinion without delay. Even if they are legal, I think the complicated weighted voting rules need to be reviewed and members consulted on them. Nominet itself got them wrong for a number of years. So let’s have a serious discussion on whether they need changing.