Healing Nominet

Nominet has been changing for the better since the 2021 EGM. We need to continue down that path. I am offering further positive change to lock in the Public Benefit policies that will ensure stability in the future.

We need to heal the wounds of the past, fix those and then move forward together

Here are some of the key issues that need to be addressed now, not in a few years time. There remains a lot of work to do to rebuild trust between Nominet and its members and stakeholders. Weighted Voting and CyGlass shows us that is still a work in progress. I have the expertise, dedication and passion to help heal the wounds and help us move on.

  • Price Cuts – Reduce .uk prices to £2.50 a year. Details
  • Weighted Voting – senior lawyer says it’s unlawful. I believe it needs dealing with immediately. Visit WeightedVoting.uk
  • CyGlass Scandal – Independent Inquiry into $23.5 million loss. Details, also here and here
  • Governance – Not For Profit, not “Profit for Purpose” or any other meaningless marketing slogan. Lock this in through changes to the constitution.
  • Profits and Surplus – Guaranteed distribution to good causes in constitution; and set up an independent body to do it
  • Executive Salaries – Move back in line with Not For Profit sector